Whale Watching

Some of the best times

As a kid my family took vacations up in Massachusetts namely Cape Cod. My aunt and uncle, who owned garage door repair las vegas, had a badass cape house in Hyannis Port. Every year my mom and my sister would make the trek up to the cape for some well deserved rest and relaxation. A lot of the time we would just chill on the beach and take pictures. Every night we would go out to eat and enjoy the nightlife.

My favorite times were when we all decided to take the ferry over to martha’s vineyard. So much fun! The ferry ride was not that long and you could see all kinds of sea life as you rode across the sea. The best times for me were when we were on the boat for sure…I loved it!

The other great experience I had on the ocean up on the cape was the one time we went whale watching. This is one of the best things you can do when visiting the cape for sure! Not only was the boat ride just awesome (no sea sickness here…I know i’m blessed) but the sheer amount of sea life that you see is just simply amazing. I highly recommend everyone that visits the cape go on a whale watching adventure. You don’t always see whales but when you do it’s downright magical.

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Booze Cruise!!

I have already informed you all on how to plan the perfect Alaskan Cruise. Now I would like to steer your interest to planning the perfect Caribbean Cruise. They couldn’t be more opposite locations and that’s what makes taking both of them a must.

First things first:

  1. What will your exact destination be?
  2. Is it a romantic getaway or family vacation?
  3. How long will you be vacationing for, including non-cruise days?

I have decided I my cruise on the ship will be the shortest period of time and my time on the Caribbean Islands will be the majority of my time. My destination will be Aruba, if for no other reason than that was where Rachel from Friends was going on here honeymoon hehehe.

So now that I have decided where I am going, I will have to decide when. As most people will choose the winter months to go the Caribbean to get away from the cold, I am going to choose the summer months to get away from the heat. I am from Las Vegas so anything away from 110 degrees plus is a vacation especially if they is a bit of welcomed humidity.

Here’s the facts:

  • I will be headed to Aruba
  • I will spend most of my time on the island
  • I will be cruising around the late June to early July (to avoid hurricane season in August and September)

We have decided where to go and when we will go so now let’s decide where we will stay and what we will do in Aruba. Two things on the list are hiking and snorkeling, a little surf and turf if you will. One of the things I will look for in booking my travel is “all inclusive” resorts. One of the interesting thing about Aruba is that the night life resembles Las Vegas in many ways including casinos, so it will feel like home.

So you may be wondering why I want to spend more time on the island rather than cruising on the ship, let me give you an idea what there is to do on land:

  • All of the Caribbean Islands offer an away of breath taking and challenging golf courses
  • If you are looking to relax, massages and spas are “at your fingertips”
  • A “booze cruise” in the evening may be the perfect adult get away on the water to enhance the boating side of your vacation


Since I live in Las Vegas I can’t help but mention the similarities in both places. Everyone knows that Vegas is infamous for gambling. By the way our Las Vegas Carpet cleaning Business is also a Las Vegas favorite. The Caribbean is full of casinos. They boast over 114 casinos spread throughout its various islands. The Dominican Republic has more casinos than any other country in Caribbean, with 32 Caribbean. Next is found at Netherlands Antilles, which has 25 casinos. Following this is Puerto Rico with 17 casinos and Aruba and Jamaica with ten Caribbean casinos each. Antigua and Barbuda has 6 casinos.


As I am wrapping up planning our next amazing destination keep in mind all of the things you can do after you cruise to the islands:

  • Paddle boarding
  • Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing of a small vessel

Boating, sailing and cruising are all amazing ways to spend your time. Plan accordingly and you will have the most amazing vacation. Just remember to book your flights according to make your ship, have your passport ready, and make sure all of your immunizations are up date. Whether you’re sailing in the cool waters of the Northwest or the balmy waters of the Southeast, there is no place like cruising on the water!

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The Pond

Large Mouth Madness!

So begins the story of my youth. Boating played a huge role in shaping who I am. My family was very big on boating activities, especially just lazy cruising on the lake. Where i grew up we had a pretty good size pond in the back yard that was used daily for fishing and swimming. Well the swimming part was kind of gross but we did jump off the row boat a lot out in the deeper parts. The seaweed and muck was just too much to deal with. I can remember running home after the school bus dropped us off just so i could go launch a rapala half -way across the pond. We had some pretty good size Large Mouth Bass in there so every chance i had i was fishing. Dad had a small row boat that we would take out from time to time and fish from the middle of the pond. I always preferred LARGEMOUTHto fish from the boat because i could target some of the harder to reach spots that had the big lunkers. My favorite time of year to fish was in late summer and early fall. This time of year was just seemed magical to me and i caught some of the biggest fish during this time. One day my dad’s friend Paul came over to do a little fishing with father and I. This guy was a real character and always very funny, not to mention drunk! He owned Las Vegas Towing at the time and came back to Jersey to visit family around that time of year.
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Big Sky Country



So, it’s getting to be that time of year again. What time, you ask? SUMMER TIME! So get

out your sunscreen and swim suits and let’s go play in and on the water nature provided us.

Summer is my favorite time of year especially when it comes to playing in the water. I

grew up right next to the YellYellowstone river raftowstone river and many other rivers and lakes that are great for

recreation. You may be surprised how many different kinds of boats and water toys that can be

used in Montana.

River rafting is one of the fondest memories I have of summer time in Montana. There is

even an annual gathering of well over 100 rafts called the Yellowstone Boat Float. It is a 13 mile

party on the river. There are few words to explain this extravaganza and not for the faint of

heart. If you are seeking a party then this is a must during the 2nd weekend in July. Continue Reading →

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Sail Boats

Let’s GOOOO!

“Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me”, now you know you couldn’t help but sing that as you read it. Plus now you are probably thinking about sailing. The question is, what kind of sailing are you imagining? A dinghy, a keelboat, a yacht, or a cruise ship? Well, I’m thinking grand, so cruise ship it is.

Many things may come to mind when you think about taking a cruise. You may think “Can I afford it?” sailboats“Will I get sea sick or sick from the ship (which happens a little too often for my liking)” or “will I get claustrophobic”? These are all valid points so let’s see what steps we would take if we are planning our dream cruise vacation.

First and most important thing we need to decide upon is our fabulous destination. Since I have a sister-in-law and nephew living in Alaska let’s plan an Alaskan cruise. Continue Reading →

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My Favorite Kind

Check this out guys! I love boats and going sailing so much that i would sell my soul to go out on the perfect day! I have sailed all over the world and some of favorite places to go sailing were up in Cape Cod. That north Atlantic vibe is just killer. Ssailingo many other enthusiasts live around that area so it makes for a wonderful experience.

One of the best times i had up at the Cape was the summer of 97′. I had just graduated from high school and our family vacation was planned all planned out. I always hated that 5 hour drive to get there, but in the end it was so worth it. Anyway, we took off from home the day after graduation. We left super early in the morning so we could get up there and still have some play time on the beach. I was really looking forward to seeing our family friends that lived up there because they owned a sail boat that we would be go out in the next day.

That next day surely came and we were all loaded up and heading up to Provincetown to get the boat in the water. The day was perfectly sunny and the wind was blowing just right. Mom and my sister stayed in town to do a little shopping while Dad, Bill and I shoved off and started our day on the water.

What a fantastic experience this was for me. I was 17 years old and sailing off the shores of Cape Cod. This was a huge milestone for me and shaped my sailing career for years to come.

Here is a great YouTube video about sailing around the Cape

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